Top Boarding High Schools

Your child has never done very well in school and as they get into their teenage years you want to enroll them in a school that ensures grades good enough for university. There are many top boarding high schools in the UK so it is really up to you to choose one that will be able to provide your child with what they need to be able to get into university. Since your main concern is academic performance that should be how you evaluate schools. Look at how they have performed in the past – how many of their students are able to get passing grades every year?
Your child isn’t very strong academically so you want to place them where they will get all the support that they need. The class sizes should be small so that they can get individual attention from their teachers. The faculty should be highly qualified and have lots of experience helping academically weak students.
In the meantime, you should strive to find out why your child doesn’t do particularly well in their studies. Is it because the topics are too difficult or are there any other issues that your child is facing? Could it be lack of interest? If your child isn’t too keen on academic excellence they could be interested in something else like sports or technology. If that is the case there are boarding high schools that have these on offer so you should be looking to enroll your child in one of them.
Lastly, make sure that you enroll your child in an environment where growth is nurtured. If there is too strong a focus on academics other areas of the students’ lives will suffer.
The Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies is one of the best places to place a child who needs to improve academically. You can find out how to get a position on

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