Fire alarm detector

Fire safety is paramount to any building or home. Without fire alarms, the fire can spread quickly and cause severe damage before anyone notices it. When looking for fire alarm detectors, you want to make sure you purchase a detector with an appropriate sensitivity level so that it will go off when there is smoke in the air, even if there are no flames.


A fire alarm detector is a device that detects smoke, fire, and other abnormal conditions to send an alarm or alert.

The fire alarm system may also include:

-Heat detectors.

-Water flow devices.

-Instruments for measuring ambient air quality (such as carbon monoxide or chlorine).

Control panels that can be accessed remotely via the Internet/Intranet or public telephone network.

This type of detector has two main parts: a sensor and a horn generator. Smoke enters the sensor either from below it (in the case of ceiling-mounted detectors) or from all around it if installed on floor level. This causes changes in its electric resistance value – when smoke levels are high enough, they trigger the activation circuit inside the unit by temporarily increasing its electrical resistance.

This generates the fire alarm signal by starting a relay that activates the fire alarm horn and/or other devices such as strobe lights, fire pumps, or water sprinkler systems (depending on which are installed).


You need fire alarm systems because fire can happen anywhere and at any time.

Some fire alarms come with a smoke detector, just one part of the fire protection system.

A fire alarm or detectors are often installed in homes, schools, churches, and buildings containing large amounts of combustible materials like paper or oil-based substances.

The purpose of fire detection is to provide warning or notification when unwanted heat levels occur inside structures due to combustion sources from within the building itself. It may also be used for early signs of wildfires outside our structure before getting close enough to cause damage.


Several fire alarms are available, and the best one to choose will depend on how you want a fire alerted. An audible alarm goes off when smoke or heat reaches a certain level; this type of fire detection device may be paired with other systems like carbon monoxide detectors if there’s concern about both types of hazards.

Another option is photoelectric sensors which detect fires by sensing infrared radiation given off from flames.

These types of fire alarms can’t sense smoldering fires, though, so they often come in pairs with ionization sensors nearby to provide early warning before a fire gets started. The most common type of fire detector is called an ionization sensor – these use radioactive material inside them to measure the number of particles in the air.

Cheap fire alarms may not give you a loud enough audible alarm, or they might even stop working after a while and need to be replaced. You want fire protection devices that are reliable and safe – this is essential if you have children, pets, or a company.

Fire alarm companies supply, install and maintain fire alarms

Fires at commercial properties like retailers, offices, restaurants and hotels can cause great financial losses for the property owner. Hence the property owner will usually insure the property so that it is easy to get compensation in case of losses. However, most insurance companies insist that the business should take adequate precautions to prevent a fire, before providing insurance coverage. One of the most vital components of a fire safety system is the fire alarm, which will alert people that there is a fire. Hence businesses would like to find out the factors which they should consider while comparing the commercial fire alarm companies near me.

Fire alarms

There are a large number of companies manufacturing fire alarms which differ in their design, warranty, price, coverage and other features. A majority of the fire alarms usually have smoke detectors or temperature sensors which trigger the fire alarm. The smoke detectors will usually be able to detect a fire a longer distance away, so fewer smoke detectors will be required compared to temperature sensor based system. It is also important to check if there is any mechanism to prevent false alarms, which will disturb the daily routine, leading to waste of time and money.

Fire detection.

Typically the fire alarm will be connected to a hooter or siren which will make a loud noise whenever the fire is detected. Increasingly fires take place in commercial premises, at night or weekends when there is no one working in the area. Hence the latest models of fire alarms, are using wireless technology, to alert the business owner as well as the relevant security, property maintenance staff on their smartphone, immediately, so that they can take suitable action to extinguish the fire immediately and reduce the damage caused to the extent possible.

Installation and testing

In addition to the price of the fire alarms and cost of installation, the business owner should also check the warranty, reviews and features of the fire alarms available before finalize suitable fire alarms for the property. The fire alarm company will usually supply and install the fire alarms in the property after the order is placed. It is important to ensure that the fire alarms are tested properly, so that they can quickly detect a fire. The business may have to provide proof that the fire alarms are properly installed and tested to their insurance company to get the insurance coverage.

Maintenance and warranty.

Since the fire alarms will be used very rarely in most commercial properties, they usually carry a warranty of several years, typically 5 years or more. Like all electro-mechanical devices, there is always a possibility that the fire alarm will malfunction due to multiple reasons like the power supply is not working or some parts are covered with dust. Hence the supplier of the fire alarms should also carry out regular maintenance of the fire alarm system which he installed, preferably once in every six months at least. If any part is malfunctioning, it should be repaired at the earliest. After testing the fire alarm, the staff of the maintenance company will submit a test certificate.