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How do you shop for shoes in Cambridge? Do you buy the cutest pair that you can find? If yes, it is quite likely that you have more than a few uncomfortable pairs sitting in your closet. When it comes to shoe shopping cute is important, but comfort is even more so. If you take your time you can find shoes that are both cute and comfortable and that will last a long time. Here are some tips:

• If you want your feet to look good in the long run you should always choose shoes that are wide and comfortable. Research shows nearly all professional models have damaged feet because of constantly wearing shoes that are too high and too tight. They also eventually develop foot and back problems.

• If it is necessary to wear heels at work bring a long a pair with a one inch heel to wear when you are not in meetings. You will find that you don’t tire as much.

• If you do a lot of walking you should buy comfortable walking shoes. If you have to walk to work carry your heels in your bag and walk in a comfortable pair of shoes – you can wear the heels when you get to work.

• Avoid soles that are completely flat – they are not good for your feet and they can lead to heel and back aches.

• If you are buying on a cold day buy a size bigger – on hot days your feet will swell.

• Have at least one pair of shoes that you can wear in all kinds of weather such as leather ankle boots.

You can start shoe shopping by visiting Modish. They are one of the best shoe vendors in the UK and they have a store in Cambridge as well as online.

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