Metal component manufacturers

Manufacture of metal components has proven to be very significant in the industries and businesses today. The metals are etched through a precise metal etching process whose products are of high quality and made to suit the preferences required by the customers.

Among the metals that are used in the etching process are nickel, copper, brass, aluminum, molybdenum, and bronze. Each metal has different physical and chemical properties which are not affected by the photo etching process. More to that, the metal properties are considered during the photo etching process when deciding the components that will be made.

Through the photo etching process, a wide range of products can be manufactured. These products include; brackets, contacts, filters, connectors, springs, name plates, cans, solder tags, battery contacts, keypads, musical instruments, screens, metal plates, stencils, sieves, instrumentation panels, jewelry, braze foils, EMC shielding and retainers among so much more.

Qualitetch is a renowned industry in the UK, and also worldwide that deals with metal component manufacturing. The parts made at Qualitetch get made with such accuracy and precision that they are of the best quality. They offer an endless list of products that they can make from the photo etching process. If the product that you may want is not among the items mentioned on their website, you can contact the company and discuss the specifications that you would prefer.

Qualitetch makes all the manufacturing work possible through the up-to-date technological facilities and a team of skilled people working on them. The services and products are issued professionally and provided with profound passion and a positive attitude towards the work done. Browse the website to get access to all the information you may require to know about the company and the services offered. You can also get in touch with the team for any inquiries about Qualitetch.

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