Material Handling Conveyor

You have been reading all about the factors that you need to take into account when you are choosing a conveyor belt – speed, maximum operating tension, conveyor length, pulley diameter and others. While these are important, choosing the right material handling conveyor is not as simple as looking into these factors. You may choose a conveyor belt based solely on these only to realize that it doesn’t perform as expected. If you really want to get it right with your material handling conveyor it is important to involve vendors right from the beginning.
You should start by making a list of your needs – what materials do you need moved, how far and at what speed? You can then use these needs to choose 3 or 4 vendors who provide conveyor belts. A good vendor of material handling conveyors will ask to come to your operation so that they can see exactly what goes into the conveying process. They will be looking at things like weight, distance travelled, production process while items are on the belt and so on. Based on the information they gather they will then make recommendations which you can check out for yourself.
You should be wary of companies that want to sell you a material handling conveyor and walk away. The best vendors will also offer maintenance. Not only is it a way for them to buy customer loyalty, they also ensure that their systems are in perfect working order at all times.
Look into cost too – while it isn’t a good idea to buy a conveyor belt simply because it is cheap, some vendors are unnecessarily expensive.
Try Performance Conveyor Belting – they are one of the best providers of material handling conveyers in the UK.

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