Wireless radio codes

The driver’s license system is generally used on commercial vehicles and machines to prevent unauthorized use of the vehicles. In general, the wireless remote controls included in a microcomputer controlled ignition interlock system are used to detect unauthorized engine starting. These wireless remote controls are commonly used in bulk transport devices.

By using the system, you can prevent your vehicle from being driven without permission while pumping or idle. In this system you will find software with which you can start the engine by entering a valid security code that you have specified. At the same time, the engine stops automatically if an attempt is made to start by entering an unauthorized code. If you try to drive the vehicle by entering the wrong code, the vehicles will stop. The vehicle’s engine can be unlocked again by entering the correct code.

You can find variations of different authorization systems for radio remote controls. However, the basic technology used in wireless industrial control authorization systems is almost the same. However, this system works in the following modes:

Armed mode:

You can keep the control unit in armed mode by pressing the truck’s parking brake. The device automatically switches to the armed state and the red screen flashes. If the system remains in the armed state, immediately releasing the parking brake without entering the correct code immediately turns off the engine and the red indicator starts blinking at this point.

Deactivation mode:

If the system freezes, you can disable it by entering a valid ID code. Then, you must release the parking brake so the truck can start. As soon as deactivation mode is activated, the green light starts flashing.

Programming mode:

After disabling the system, you must enter a master programming code so that the user can set a new authorization code for the controller. As soon as you enter the master program code, the green screen will start flashing. You can enter a new code while the green light blinks.

Locked state:

The system can also be locked automatically. If the wrong identification code is entered more than five times, the system automatically switches to locked mode. At this point, the engine is completely off and no other valid or invalid ID code is accepted for five minutes. The device will accept the authorization code again when the lock expires. During the lockout period, the green and red lights blink alternately. You can turn the ignition back on and put the device into an disarmed state when the brakes are off by entering a valid ID code after a lock.

The radio remote control authorization system is a microcomputer controlled ignition interlock system with low power consumption. Installs in a sealed die-cast aluminum housing with rust-proof mounting hardware.


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