What Is Davis Anemometer And What Are Its Functions

Anemometer is used to measure air and wind speed and also the temperature of the air and atmosphere around us. It also finds lot of use in HVAC for the purpose of measuring air flow of air conditioners. There are two different categories of anemometers and they are velocity anemometers and pressure anemometer. David anemometer is also used for the purpose of measuring direction wind speed. These devices use a magnetic reed switch that gets triggered once each revolution as far as the wind cups is concerned. The direction of the wind is measured with the help of a potentiometer. There are obvious a few advantages that are responsible for making it as popular as they are today. We will look at some of the advantages so that customers can get to know more about it and then take an informed and correct decision.

Different Types Velocity Anemometer

Vane anemometerCup anemometerHot-wire anemometerLaser Doppler anemometerUltrasonic anemometerPing-pong ball anemometer

Main Advantages Of Anemometer

It comes in very handy for the measurement of speed, wind velocity, wind pressure and wind direction. Hence, if you are planning a game, or even a quiet evening in the backyard of your home, this device could come in very handy.The good thing about these devices is that is can offer the most accurate and precise measurements without burning a hole in your pocket. This is because it is capable of working with very low power threshold. It comes in different sizes and shapes and therefore customers are free to choose the one that meets their specific needs and requirements. The home-use versions are affordable and do not cause a big dent in your pocket.


Installation should be done carefully and might require professional helpHeavy winds can damage the anemometer and therefore care should be taken to ensure that it is properly fixed.Even slight damage to the anemometer could lead to incorrect readings and making decisions n such wrong reading could lead to problems.

Tips on Choosing The Right Anemometer

Since there are many different types of anemometers, you have to make the right choice based on specific needs and requirements. Here are a few important points that one should keep in mind when choosing an anemometer:

Accuracy Rating

Accuracy rating is one of the most important points to be kept in mind while choosing an anemometer.

Wind Speed Response

The wind speed that is reported by an anemometer is one of the important points that you must consider. Good anemometers should be able to accurately report wind speeds even if they are in the range of 0 to 100 mph. The responses should also be quick. This is because the wind speeds can change drastically and the directions can also change quite fast. Good anemometers should be able to keep pace with such change in speed and direction.

Design & Size

The size of the anemometer vanes could vary. You must always keep this in mind and also have a look at the construction and material. Further, since the anemometers will be always subject to the elements of nature, the vanes and other parts should be able to resist corrosion, rusting and other such problems.

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