Tips on how to choose waterproof sticky tape

waterproof sticky tape is the most popular adhesive tape in our daily life, and they have many applications, such as sealing glass windows, sticking labels on bottles, attaching buttons to clothing, and so on. The waterproof sticky tape can be divided into two types: one is a water-resistant adhesive tape, which can prevent water from penetrating through the adhesive layer; the other is a water-proof adhesive tape, which has an additional protective layer that prevents water from entering between the adhesive layer and the substrate. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the tips on how to choose waterproof sticky tape:

1) Use the right size

If you want to stick a label or sticker on a bottle, use a small piece of waterproof sticky tape. If you want to seal a window, use a large piece of waterproof sticky tape with a width of about 1cm. In case you happen to accidentally get it wet, you should immediately remove it from the surface.

2) Choose the best material

Waterproof sticky tape can be made of different materials, including polyethylene film, PVC film, silicone rubber, etc. They are all suitable for the application mentioned above. However, if you need to stick something onto a rough surface, like wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, etc., then silicone rubber is your best choice. It is more flexible than polyethylene film, and its adhesion is better than PVC film.

3) Consider the price

The cost of waterproof sticky tape depends on the type of material used, the thickness of the adhesive layer, and the length of the tape. For example, the price of waterproof adhesive tape made of silicone rubber is usually higher than that of polyethylene film.

4) Check the quality

Waterproof sticky tapes come at various sizes, shapes, colors, and prices. You should check the quality before buying them. Make sure that the adhesive layer is thick enough, and that there is no air bubble inside the tape. Also, make sure that the adhesive layer does not peel off easily when you apply pressure to the back side.When you buy waterproof adhesive tape, you should also consider the following factors:

5) How long do you plan to keep the tape?

How long do you plan to use the waterproof sticky tape? If you only need it temporarily, you may choose to purchase a cheap waterproof adhesive tape. Otherwise, you should look for durable waterproof adhesive tape.This is a very crucial question because durability means that the tape can last longer without peeling off.

6) What kind of surface do you want to stick the tape on?

What kind of surface do you plan to stick the waterproof sticky tape on? If you want to stick it on a smooth surface, such as a wooden table, glass, or paper, then you should choose a waterproof adhesive tape with a high degree of flexibility. On the contrary, if you want to stick it onto a rough surface, such as a brick wall, concrete floor, tile, or carpet, then you should choose waterproof adhesive tape with a low degree of flexibility.

Bottom line

waterproof sticky tape is a useful tool in our daily lives. We hope that you have learned some valuable information about the waterproof sticky tape from this post.

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