The Top Ten Sustainable Energy Centres.

Many businesses now have a sustainable focus. Some adopt environmentally friendly practices, like recycling, while others develop renewable energy sources. In this article, we’ll be discussing the top ten sustainable energy centres.


Each of these sustainable energy centres has something unique to offer, but they all share a commitment to preserving the environment for future generations. Let’s take a look at each one.

  1. Concrete City, Florida

Concrete City is home to one of the largest solar power plants in the United States. Covering over 600 acres, the solar plant provides enough energy to power over 100,000 homes.

  1. The Emerald City, Washington

Seattle is home to various sustainable energy initiatives, including a large wind farm and a number of geothermal wells. The Emerald City also has one of the most efficient public transportation systems in the country.

  1. Solar Valley, California

With its name derived from the abundance of solar panels across the city, Solar Valley offers renewable energy startups a supportive community to help them grow. It is also home to one of California’s largest geothermal power plants.

  1. Atlantis, Nevada

Atlantis is an underwater city built by Dean Devlin for his 2008 film of the same name. The movie was set in 2013 and has since been retitled “Phaedra” (after the 1962 French novel).

  1. New Energy Haven, Connecticut

This small city in Connecticut has taken several steps towards becoming 100% sustainable, including recycling, using cleaner power sources and composting waste.

  1. Hydro-City, Oregon

Located on the banks of the Columbia River, Hydro-City uses its proximity to this natural resource for power by harvesting hydroelectric energy from surrounding falls and reservoirs.

  1. Windy City, Illinois

This city is home to one of Chicago’s most famous skyscrapers — the John Hancock Center — which was completed in 1970 and uses sky bridges as wind catchers to generate additional energy through wind power.

  1. Sunnyside, Arizona

The name of this town is derived from its sunny climate (it experiences approximately 300 days of sunshine per year). Solar panels and carports help provide clean power throughout the city and a composting facility is available to all residents.

  1. Geothermal Village, Idaho

Geothermal power is the heat of the Earth itself, which can be harvested using geothermal wells. This small town in Idaho has one of the largest geothermal plants in North America and uses its clean energy to heat homes and power cars.

  1. Bright Lights, Georgia

The city’s street lamps are equipped with solar panels that provide some extra electricity throughout the day, while wind turbines on top of government buildings generate additional power at night. Sensors also control streetlights throughout the city to reduce wasted energy during non-peak hours.

The Economic benefits of these Sustainable energy centers

Each of these sustainable energy centers has a unique way of generating power, but they all share one common goal — preserving the environment for future generations. Not only are these energy centers environmentally friendly, but they also provide a number of economic benefits to their local communities.

For example, Solar Valley is home to a number of renewable energy startups that have received funding and support from the community. These businesses are able to grow and create new jobs, which in turn helps to boost the local economy.

Likewise, Hydro-City uses its proximity to the Columbia River to harvest hydroelectric energy, which not only provides power for the city itself, but also helps to support the local fishing industry.


You’ve probably heard the saying “energy is the new water”. For example, Australia’s Parliament Building is powered by hydroelectricity, while the United States Capitol, Congress, and many other government buildings are powered by solar power, wind power or geothermal energy. In terms of energy supply, the most sustainable energy source is energy from renewable resources, such as renewable energy sources.

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