Surprisingly Easy Ways to Re-waterproof Jacket

Jackets can easily lose their water-repellency over time. Although waterproofing your jacket can help improve water-repellency, the reality is that waterproofing doesn’t stay forever. Luckily though, you can re-waterproof your jacket to make it more comfortable. Here are some simple ways to re-waterproof your jacket.

Clean your jacket

Cleaning is crucial for eliminating crud and dirt, which could be overlapping the water repellent coating thus making the jacket soak up water.

Ensure the jacket is dry

For successful re-waterproofing, your jacket has to be completely dry. The best way to dry is to tumble dry the jacket on low heat at least for 10 minutes. This is important for shaking off water in readiness for drying.

Inspect the jacket for any tears and holes

Tears and holes in your jacket can lower the jacket’s water-repellency. Therefore, inspect the jacket for any tears and holes. And in case they are any, patch them before you proceed with re-waterproofing. Otherwise there is no way re-waterproofing will produce the desired results if there are tears and holes in the jacket.

Get a waterproofing spray

Get a high-quality waterproofing spray from a reputable store.  Carefully spread the jacket on a flat surface and then spray it well with the water-proofing spray you have just purchased.  If possible, go for a spray that comes with an application tool such as a brush that you can use to massage the waterproofing spray deeply into the jacket.

Dry the jacket

Finally, dry your jacket in a dryer to make it waterproof again. To ensure the jacket s finally waterproof, sprinkle some water on it. If the jacket beads up, then it is waterproof again.

Re-waterproofing jacket is definitely much easier than most people think. You just have to get it right. With these easy tips for re-waterproofing jacket, your work is halfway done.

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