Start My A Level in January

While traditionally students started A Level in September, today there are colleges that are starting courses in January. This is so as to give those who didn’t have the chance to start the previous year a chance. If you missed you can start preparing to start your A Level in the coming January, and one of the things that you have to do is find the right school.

While there are many schools that offer A Level courses, not all of them are equal. That is why some are able to pass students the first time around while others are plagued by re-sits. You obviously want to find a school that guarantees a high rate of success so you have to choose carefully. Do not be afraid to ask the school directly for their previous pass rates – they are obligated to tell you. Look into how many of their students are able to go to university after their course. You will have to put in a lot of effort on your part – just because you find a good school doesn’t automatically guarantee you that you will pass.

It is a good idea to choose a boarding school for your A Level courses. It eliminates the need for a commute and you have more time for your studies. Boarding schools also enforce more discipline which you will need in order to stay focussed on nothing but learning. You can choose one that is co-educational. But keep in mind that the opposite sex may become a distraction.

One of the best schools to take your A Level is the Cambridge College for Sixth Form Studies. They have a wide range of subjects that you can choose from, and they also have excellent teachers. They are known for a high pass rate, and they have an international student body.

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