Local Milk Delivery

Many people who are keen to consume only organic foods don’t have a choice when it comes to milk – they have to drink the stuff in supermarkets. The problem is that this milk contains chemicals that are introduced during the pasteurization process. In addition to that, there are chemicals that are introduced to give local milk the desired shelf life. If, however, you live in Cambridgeshire you have an option – you can have your milk delivered by a milkman like it was before the introduction of supermarket cartons. Plumbs’ Dairy has been delivering milk in the area for more than 60 years and today they can bring you fresh milk right to your doorstep every morning.
They do it just the way the milkman used to it – leave an empty bottle outside for them and a van will come round and replace it with one full of milk. They work with local farmers to fill their bottles so you will never get milk that has been processed in a factory. You can have your milk delivered daily or less frequently if you don’t need a fresh bottle every day. Once you have an account with them they will open a tab for you and you will receive an invoice at the end of every month. You can order your milk to be delivered in a glass or plastic bottle but they encourage clients to use glass bottles because they are more environmentally friendly – they use one bottle between 20 and 30 times before it is recycled.
Plumbs’ Dairy doesn’t just stop at milk delivery. You can take advantage of them to shop for other foods including different kinds of cheeses, orange juice, cream, yoghurt, bottled water, different cuts of meat, eggs, butter, biscuits, cakes, fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, and even gas and bird food. In other words they will deliver most of the foods that you need to survive and you will not have to spend a lot of time shopping. Also, all their deliveries are fresh so you will enjoy your meals more.
To make it even more convenient, clients are now able to place their orders through Plumbs’ Dairy’s website – just state what you need, how much and when you would like to have it delivered. You can change your order before 3pm on the day before the delivery. To find out more you can visit their website, http://www.plumbs-dairy.co.uk/latest-news/order-your-free-range-christmas-turkey-now/ .

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