Grounds Maintenance Training

As someone who is looking to go into grounds maintenance in the UK it is important that you get some training – although it may look like a simple job there is a lot that you have to learn. You need to know how to handle different equipment as well as the different fertilizers and chemicals that are used to make landscapes thrive. You definitely want to learn more than theory – if you don’t go out there and get some hands-on practice you will not be very good especially at the beginning.
 This means that you have to find a training facility that is prepared to take students out on real jobs. You will start by observing more experienced groundskeepers working and after a while you will be given small tasks to handle. If you do them competently your supervisor will give you bigger and bigger tasks until he feels that you are ready to go out on your own.
 There is one place that comes highly recommended for this kind of training – Pro Lawn Care UK. They have been in grounds keeping for many years and they have a lot of experience both in the work itself and in teaching others how to do it. Their process is simple. Since they are based in Cambridgeshire you will have to find lodgings near them. Call and book for your lessons and find out when the next classes begin. Once you are enrolled you will receive both theoretical and practical guidance from experienced teachers.
 It is important for you to know that they also offer franchises. This way you don’t have to fork out a whole lot of cash to buy equipment for your business. The franchise will give you everything that you need to get started. In addition to that, the location in Cambridgeshire is just a branch of a bigger international and well known network. This means that if you buy the garden maintenance franchise you take advantage of existing brand awareness. You will get all the support that you need to be successful right from the moment you open your doors.

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