Doormat indoors

Door mats serve different functions: First, they are used to absorb moisture, as you wipe your feet on the mat it helps to protect your floor and rugs by absorbing water, dirt and other debris. Mats are also used for scraping dirt off shoes. The other function is decoration. The welcome mats come in different colors, shapes and can carry messages to appeal to the guests. It can have wordings such as “welcome” or even funny texts like “be nice or leave.” They can also be used as season’s greetings like Merry Christmas or monogrammed with home owner’s initials.

There are many types of doormats, some for use in the outdoors and others indoors. The main difference is the material used to make them. Outdoor mats require waterproof material that can withstand harsh weather such as rain. Indoor mats are made of a variety of fabrics with some being plush soft, and others are waterproof, especially those placed outside or in the bathrooms. They can be one sided or double sided. One side has a waterproof vinyl back facing the floor and a cushy side facing up.  Double sided mats have the same fabric on both sides and work interchangeably.

There are industrial or home mats. Industrial mats serve large traffic buildings and should be made of durable material with higher absorbency and higher tractions, helping people working on wet surfaces maintain balance and avoid sliding. Home mats have less absorbency and are smaller compared to industrial mats.

When buying mats, select dark colors that do not show dirt or stains. Bright colors may require frequent washing increases wear and tear. Check for traction; ensure it has a firm grip to the floor. The mats should not cause damage to the floor. It should not block the doors; the door should open and close easily even with the mat in place. The mats should be thoroughly shaken, cleaned and vacuumed as necessary.

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