Different types of Contruction tapes.

These tapes come in many different styles and types like polypropylene, fiberglass or vinyl. You will probably see the words polypropylene or fiberglass. Vinyl is not a word you see on the labels because it is less expensive and good for indoor use.

Here are descriptions of the types of construction tapes:

Polypropylene :

These tapes are more expensive but they work well with poor quality wood and offer better durability than many other tapes mentioned here. Polypropylene tapes have excellent resistance to water and other environmental hazards. They are also strong, durable, and are not cut easily by saws, which is why they are used frequently as floor covering as well.

Inexpensive fiberglass:

These tapes are often made of polyester and provide a good balance between cost and usage. You can expect them to resist tearing or creasing when you walk on them or run your hand across them. When used correctly they can become a permanent floor covering in most instances.

Super-Caulk :

Super-Caulk is compatible with many types of screws, nails and special fasteners. It is very durable and can be used on a variety of surfaces. It also rotates easily, making it ideal for house floors. However, it is difficult to cut and its resistance to water is weak.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA):

This type of adhesive is waterproof and can be used in almost any environment. The downside of this tape is that it does not offer the same resistance to water as polypropylene or fiberglass. It also offers little friction resistance so it can be easily damaged when walked on or run across. The tape is also difficult to cut and it is not very long-lasting.

Acrylic :

Acrylic tapes offer the same quality as polypropylene but at a lower price. They are easy to cut, they have great resistance to water, and are slightly more durable than polypropylene. The downside of acrylic tapes is that they do not provide the same friction resistance as polypropylene and fiberglass.

Vinyl Adhesive :

Vinyl Adhesive is a type of adhesive that can be used on both plastic and wood. It is very inexpensive, it has great resistance to water and it comes with a number of wonderful properties. The main downside of vinyl adhesive is that it does not offer the same resistance to moisture as polypropylene or fiberglass. It is also not particularly durable, which makes its usage a bit limited in comparison to other tapes mentioned here.

Unsaturated Polyesters :

This type of tape is cheap and has great resistance to water. It also has good properties when used in high temperatures, but it can be easily damaged by saws. It also does not have the same resistance to cutting as polypropylene or fiberglass.

Urethane :

This tape can be used for a variety of purposes and it is easy to cut. It is resistant to water, but it is not the most durable tape around. It also offers poor friction resistance when walked on or runs across.


There are different types of tapes used for different situations or locations.

Polypropylene, fiberglass, and vinyl tapes work best indoors. They offer good water resistance and they do not easily crack or break when you walk on them or run your fingers across them.

So, whether you are working on a building site, indoors in a hot shed, or out in the garden during the winter months trying to cover up the plants from snow and frost damage; you should definitely keep these tapes in mind when shopping around for construction tape.

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