Considering Factors in Purchasing the Right Metal Music Stand 

Importance Of The Right Metal Music Stand

The music stand may seem like just another piece of equipment used by musicians. It is however a fundamental part of every serious musician’s equipment.  It is clear that the purpose of a metal music stand is to hold music sheets. A good one will allow the musician to adjust the angle and height to such extend that the musician can read the music comfortably with the correct posture while performing.

Musicians can save them a great deal of annoyance right from the start by obtaining the correct metal music stand.  Not only will this prevent some performance issues, but it will also save them from purchasing a number of inferior stands before investing in a good quality stand from the start.

Questions To Ask When Choosing A Metal Music Stand

–          What Is It Made Of?

Stands made of thin or flimsy metal are normally made for single sheets of music and are likely not able to support music books or sheet binder with a lot of weight.   In addition, if it is used outside, it is likely that the wind will blow it over.

Make sure it is of good quality material. Avoid stands that are constructed out of cheap plastic parts or flimsy metal.

–          How Adjustable Is It?

One should pay attention to certain aspects such as can it be folded and does it come with a travel bag? In addition it is important to know what the maximum height is that it can extend to. This factor is significant and is dependent on if the stand will be used standing or in a sitting position.

–          How Much Weight Can It Support

Once again it is no use buying a cheap stand that can only support a few sheets of music when a binder or music book is used during performance.  Make sure to keep the future in mind too. For now a stand that accommodates only a few sheets is fine, but will it accommodate future needs?

–          Does It Have Clips?

Nothing can be more frustrating while reading the music during a performance and the page turns over or away. Something as simple as clips can make a world of difference.

The most expensive metal music stand does not mean it is the best one. Investing in a good quality stand from the start will ultimately save a musician a great deal of annoyance and most likely money too in the long run.

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