Concrete Fencing for your Home

In the past, people turned to wood and vinyl for fencing solutions as concrete was considered to expensive. This is no longer the case. Nowadays stone walls provide just as much if not more privacy as the other options at affordable prices as well. As homes are of different sizes, the cost of putting up a concrete fence varies. This article will focus on the merits of having a concrete fence around your home.

Cost plays a big part in deciding what material you will want to use for your fence. But when we talk about cost,  you should be able to see the bigger picture; you should be able to factor in maintenance cost while making your decision. For example many people opt for wood because it’s up front cost is cheap, not to mention it is easily attainable. The con of using wood is that it needs to be painted and treated to prevent it from being devoured by termites. Other than that, it should be replaced every 10-15 years.

Concrete fences do not share this problem as they are long lasting and can last for up to 50 years and more. Concrete walls are not easily damaged by the elements. They endure the extremities while still providing high security and privacy. And once installed,  concrete fences require little to no maintenance.

Vinyl is considered the tie breaker when addressing wood and concrete as fencing options. While being more expensive than wood, vinyl is not as durable as concrete. Concrete takes the lead once again as vinyl is not as secure as a privacy fence. So now that we have proved why concrete should be your go to fencing solution, we shall look at more of it’s perks.

Despite having a natural appealing colour,  concrete also allows for customisation. Concrete can be stained and painted to suit the needs of your home. Doing this is a plus on your side, as you would nit just be adding to the beauty of your home, but will be adding an extra layer of protection to your fence. You can use epoxy, acrylic, latex or clearcoat sealants if you are okay with the natural concrete colour. Concrete fences are also an effective way to cut down on noise coming into your home. This is because concrete fences can come with sound barriers to reduce on the noise seeping into your home.

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