Car Park Weed Treatments

Every car park – unless it is indoors – will develop weeds from time to time. If you don’t get rid of them in a timely fashion the area will soon become overrun and you will never know what you’re parking your car on – there could be nails, glass or worse. Dealing with weeds in your car park is not the same as dealing with them in your garden. In the latter you can dig them up and dispose of them in the right way, but you can hardly do the same with your car park – if you dig it up you will have another problem to deal with.
The only solution is to find the right weed killer to get rid of weeds in your car park. There are many types of weed killer in the market so choosing the right one may not be as straight forward as you hoped. There are a few factors to take into account that can help you come to a decision sooner rather than later.
The first is the kind of weeds that you are dealing with. In the UK there are many different types of weeds and they require different kinds of weed killer. Not many people are experts at weeds, so if you are not sure the best thing to do is check online and confirm what weds are infesting your car park and the best way to get rid of them. You should also consider the scale of the problem. If you deal with it early enough spraying weed killer may be enough but if you let the weeds become entrenched more intensive treatments may be needed.
If you are having a hard time it may be time to call in professionals such as ProGround Care. They know how to deal with all kinds of weeds and they will help reclaim your car park. Find out how to get in touch with them though

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