Barn Hire Norfolk

Wheat Acre Barns is a great venue for lavish weddings and elegant receptions. With a fully functional dairy farm, the area is also wonderful for nature strolls and sightseeing. The Barns in Norfolk are synonymous with true romance, and have played host to countless weddings and corporate gatherings over the years. With picturesque backdrops and scenic imagery, Wheat Acre Barns simply offers something for everyone. This includes lovely walking paths and floral gardens situated within serene and tranquil environments. The area is also blanketed by grassy hills, knolls, and cozy cottages with a range of amenities.

Barn Hire for All Events

Wheat Acre Barns has been the premier holiday venue in Norfolk for years. In fact, the venue is perfect for birthday parties, Bar Mitzvahs, weddings, receptions, and all types of social events. With a full suite of amenities, you and your loved ones will truly enjoy the magic and splendor of this amazing facility. The staff is also warm and inviting – and committed to excellence in meeting all guest and patron needs across the board. Customers also receive complimentary beverages and bottle services, along with guided tours of the dairy farm and adjacent areas. The Barns are also close to a wonderful lake, which is great for fishing, boating, and all nautical activities.

Barn Weddings and Receptions

Whether for traditional or contemporary weddings, the Barns will meet all your needs within time and budget. This is courtesy of the large and spacious barn, which features a smooth blend of romantic and illustrious décor. There is also a huge banquet hall for catered affairs and social events. The staff is always on hand to see that all your needs are met across the board. There is even a large outdoor canopy for summer weddings – which is a stone’s throw from the cozy and enticing cottages. The latter features spacious bedrooms, closets, and ample space – as well as lovely fireplaces, free Wi-Fi, snacks, LED televisions and so much more!

The kids will also love the dairy farm and all the cool animals that inhabit it. If looking for the perfect holiday destination this summer or for any season, Wheat Acre Barns is truly a place that cannot be missed. For more information on booking cottages, contact us today and get a jumpstart on the holiday season. You can also review the cottage highlights and services at our site below for your convenience:

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