A Guide to Career Consultants Near Me

Do you ever wonder if there’s more to life than your job? Are you feeling undervalued at work, or are you struggling with the stress of a high-pressure career? If this sounds like you, then it might be time to consider an alternative career path. Working Transitions is an industry leader helping people navigate their career paths successfully by hiring a career consultant near me. We offer personalized services to help our clients find meaningful employment that aligns with their passions and interests. In this article, we’ll help you learn more about how you can jumpstart your career!

About Us

Working transitions is a career consulting company. We offer our services to everyone in the US and Canada. Our goal is to help people find their dream job, even if they feel it’s impossible or out of reach. Those looking to progress in their career can advance if they hire a career consultant near me and meet their career goals.

Are You Having Trouble Searching for a Job?

Many career and life coaches offer career counselling and career coaching services. If you need career guidance, career advice or career coaching, contact our professional coach today! At Career Consultants, we have experienced career consultants who may help you with:

  • Learning how to write a resume
  • Career transition
  • Career support

Our career coaches help people make career changes, find work or advance their careers, and guide them through career transitions. They provide services including help in preparing resumes, interviewing skills coaching, providing career guidance/career coaching, career counselling, career counseling, career mentoring, career advice, job-search advice, and providing general career support.

Affordable Career Counseling Services

Career Consultants is well-known for its outstanding services that help people find jobs and succeed in careers. The incredible thing about this company is how it offers quality services to its clients at an affordable rate. Career transitions and career changes aren’t easy, especially when you’re unsure what career to choose or how to make a career transition. Career counselling for a career change isn’t always available due to a lack of career counsellors (or money?).

You may find career advice, but career counselling is expensive. Career counselling can cost anywhere from $40-$200 per hour with career follow-up career sessions. However, our experts provide these services at a reasonable rate.

Career transitions are complex because the process of career change involves more than just choosing a career path. Many people have career questions about their career decision-making skills, personality type vs career type, career options, career choice, career change, career counselling for a career change, and career development. This is where Career Consultants come in to ensure their clients find suitable careers.

Why You Need to Hire Our Career Counselors

Hiring our career counselors can be helpful because career counselling is a way to explore your career interests and potential career choices with a trained professional who helps you explore these issues in a safe environment.

Career counselling can include many aspects of the job search process, including guidance for career changes, career development, career transition, career relocation, career choices, and career options. Career counselling can be helpful because career counsellors get trained to help you make career-related decisions about your education and training.

Do you need a career counselor to help shape your career? At Career Consultants, we make sure we meet the career needs of our clients. For more information about our services, kindly visit our website today!

Know the benefits offered by campervan hire for amazing vacation

If you are a passionate traveler and enjoy travelling the world with your family then you should not go anywhere in public transport because it is not a convenient option. It is more feasible that you hire a campervan in which you can travel with your family for enjoy ultimate comfort, flexibility and freedom during your trip. Campervan hire is the best way in which you can explore any new destination with your entire family as it is a low cost option that helps you save a lot of money. You can also carry out different adventurous activities with the help of the campervan that allows you to take your vacation to a new height when you can drive around the vehicle of your choice. It offers you the best amenities and facilities that are needed for the most successful vacation of your choice and for this you will need to choose the right kind of campervan. There are many models, designs, styles and sizes of the campervan that you can choose so that you can easily get an option that will fulfill your traveling needs.

Know the benefits offered by campervan hire

Affordable option- when you decide to go on a vacation, then campervan hire is the most economical option because you can save a lot of money when you hire this vehicle for your needs. Getting this life of wheels with a large number of amenities will always be within your budget so that you will be able to spend an unforgettable vacation with your family for the best kind of experience.

Exciting outdoor trip- with the help of a campervan, you will enjoy outdoor life to the fullest as there will no restrictions or limitations regarding the way in which you want to spend your vacation. It will also allow you to bond with your family members when you drive through the road and beautiful outdoors so that you will get the best kind of outcome. You will get to enjoy a vacation that is filled with adventure and excitement so that you can spend the most memorable day of your life.

Eliminate hotel expenses- renting a campervan is the best way of sleeping inside the vehicle as you will no longer have to spend money on hotel expenses so that you will enjoy great savings. Before reaching your actual destination, you can sleep for few nights inside the campervan as it has cozy and comfortable indoors so that you will enjoy your stay in a cost effective manner. There is nothing more exciting than having all amenities of your home inside the campervan so that you will enjoy saving money on rental charges during your vacation.

Get all convenience- there are many things that you will get inside the modern campervan including a small kitchen, comfortable bed, entertainment options and dining room so that you will be able to spend time inside the vehicle. You can easily cook meals according to the choice of your family members so that you can save a lot of money for buying means from your destination.

Here is how to pick the right plaster scrim

There are many plaster scrims (hoop cheese) to choose from when building your mold. It is essential to pick the right one to suit your needs. Here are some things to consider when selecting a material for casting plaster.

Use these guidelines to help create a quality mold:

Scrim should be an open mesh fabric with no coating on the fibers so that nothing blocks or restricts airflow through it during burn out. The best choice of material will have holes no more significant than 1/8” in diameter and span between 1/32”-1/16” apart horizontally and vertically. If the mesh is too fine, it just won’t melt well enough duringout because the holes are too small

• A fabric that makes a strong “hoop cheese” is not necessarily a good material for a plaster mold because the scrim will adhere less to the model/pattern and more to itself, making pieces harder to pull apart. This means more seam lines in your casting, making it harder to prep and more obvious when you paint. Look for scrim with loose weave rather than tight stitch patterns on the individual fibers. There should not be any solid areas that hold into place while burning out, so heavier fabrics of this type would have their downside of being too thick or just proving very stubborn during burnout

• Avoid using burlap or other natural fiber fabrics since they tend to make a durable fabric that will not burn out well. You can try them, but you’ll be better off using something else

• If you use synthetic fabrics such as polyester or nylon, they will melt and breathe better than the natural fibers. Synthetics do tend to fade when in direct sunlight for long periods and if in an environment with excessive moisture (such as around pools and in marine environments), so keep that in mind when selecting your scrim material

• Avoid materials such as cotton duck canvas because these fabrics are hard to stretch over your mold without tearing. They also tend to shrink after burning out and can leave visible seams on your cast if used. Cotton duck is often used to create gap-filling resins such as Magic Sculpt and Milliput, if that’s what you’re working with, but not for making plaster molds

• A tar-like coating is often applied to fabrics used in mold making because it gives the material a “sticky” feel when stretching. This can help prevent the scrim from shifting during burnout and make it harder to remove from your finished mold after heating. If possible, don’t use this kind of scrim unless you plan on building your mold without seams. Once heated in a kiln, the tacky finish will melt away and make removing pieces apart more difficult

• Synthetic netting is preferred over natural fiber nets because they have a thinner mesh and will burn out far cleaner without any of the tar-like coatings that’s applied to some fabrics

• Avoid using plastic or bird netting because they can melt into an unusable gooey blob instead of burning off evenly, leaving seams on your casting. Plastic nets also have holes too big for proper airflow during burnout, making it harder for them to melt away.

These are essential things to keep in mind when shopping for scrim materials and help you make quality molds.

The Top Ten Sustainable Energy Centres.

Many businesses now have a sustainable focus. Some adopt environmentally friendly practices, like recycling, while others develop renewable energy sources. In this article, we’ll be discussing the top ten sustainable energy centres.


Each of these sustainable energy centres has something unique to offer, but they all share a commitment to preserving the environment for future generations. Let’s take a look at each one.

  1. Concrete City, Florida

Concrete City is home to one of the largest solar power plants in the United States. Covering over 600 acres, the solar plant provides enough energy to power over 100,000 homes.

  1. The Emerald City, Washington

Seattle is home to various sustainable energy initiatives, including a large wind farm and a number of geothermal wells. The Emerald City also has one of the most efficient public transportation systems in the country.

  1. Solar Valley, California

With its name derived from the abundance of solar panels across the city, Solar Valley offers renewable energy startups a supportive community to help them grow. It is also home to one of California’s largest geothermal power plants.

  1. Atlantis, Nevada

Atlantis is an underwater city built by Dean Devlin for his 2008 film of the same name. The movie was set in 2013 and has since been retitled “Phaedra” (after the 1962 French novel).

  1. New Energy Haven, Connecticut

This small city in Connecticut has taken several steps towards becoming 100% sustainable, including recycling, using cleaner power sources and composting waste.

  1. Hydro-City, Oregon

Located on the banks of the Columbia River, Hydro-City uses its proximity to this natural resource for power by harvesting hydroelectric energy from surrounding falls and reservoirs.

  1. Windy City, Illinois

This city is home to one of Chicago’s most famous skyscrapers — the John Hancock Center — which was completed in 1970 and uses sky bridges as wind catchers to generate additional energy through wind power.

  1. Sunnyside, Arizona

The name of this town is derived from its sunny climate (it experiences approximately 300 days of sunshine per year). Solar panels and carports help provide clean power throughout the city and a composting facility is available to all residents.

  1. Geothermal Village, Idaho

Geothermal power is the heat of the Earth itself, which can be harvested using geothermal wells. This small town in Idaho has one of the largest geothermal plants in North America and uses its clean energy to heat homes and power cars.

  1. Bright Lights, Georgia

The city’s street lamps are equipped with solar panels that provide some extra electricity throughout the day, while wind turbines on top of government buildings generate additional power at night. Sensors also control streetlights throughout the city to reduce wasted energy during non-peak hours.

The Economic benefits of these Sustainable energy centers

Each of these sustainable energy centers has a unique way of generating power, but they all share one common goal — preserving the environment for future generations. Not only are these energy centers environmentally friendly, but they also provide a number of economic benefits to their local communities.

For example, Solar Valley is home to a number of renewable energy startups that have received funding and support from the community. These businesses are able to grow and create new jobs, which in turn helps to boost the local economy.

Likewise, Hydro-City uses its proximity to the Columbia River to harvest hydroelectric energy, which not only provides power for the city itself, but also helps to support the local fishing industry.


You’ve probably heard the saying “energy is the new water”. For example, Australia’s Parliament Building is powered by hydroelectricity, while the United States Capitol, Congress, and many other government buildings are powered by solar power, wind power or geothermal energy. In terms of energy supply, the most sustainable energy source is energy from renewable resources, such as renewable energy sources.

Duct Duct Tape: What You Need to Know

If duct tape is truly what fixes ducts, you might wonder why duct tape isn’t the standard way to repair ductwork. With this article, we’ll explain why duct tape repairs are typically not your best option for HVAC repair and offer some ways duct duct tape can be put to good use around the home.

Duct Tape Here Is Why Duct Tape Should Never Be Used To Fix Duct Work

Despite its highly sticky adhesive, duct tape should never be used as a long-term replacement for ductwork. The use of duct tape on any commercial or residential heating system may cause serious health hazards from vapor leaks. In addition, duct tape can result in furnace overheating or flue blockage, leading to carbon monoxide poisoning. While duct tape has its uses around the home, ductwork is not one of them.

What You Should Do Instead Of Fixing With Duct Tape

If you suspect that your ducts are experiencing problems or if there’s an unexplained rise in your utility bills, it’s essential to have the ductwork inspected by a professional who will not only identify duct deficiencies but can recommend solutions. Failure to properly maintain ductwork can result in higher energy costs, poor efficiency, and structural damage to the ducts and HVAC unit.

Duct Tape Here Are Some Ways Duct Tape Can Improve Your Home Comfort And Safety

While duct tape should never be used for HVAC repair, there are several ways duct tape can be put to good use around the home.

  1. Duct Tape And Holes In Furniture

When duct duct tape is used as a temporary fix for a hole in a piece of furniture, it can not only save you money but also allow you to keep your favorite details longer. If a duct tape repair doesn’t perform well, duct tape can quickly and easily be removed without causing further damage.

  1. Duct Tape And Broken Shoes

While duct tape may not be able to fix holes in shoes permanently, it can temporarily seal them until you’re ready to buy new ones. If your duct tape is clear or matches your shoe color, most people won’t even notice that they are wearing duct-taped shoes.

  1. Duct Tape And HVAC Ducts

If duct tape is used to seal ductwork temporarily, duct tape can be easily removed when it’s time to schedule duct repairs. In some cases, duct repair jobs may even occur while the duct tape is still in place.

  1. Duct Tape And Broken Heating Vents

Ductwork typically consists of a series of air ducts and fans that run from your furnace or boiler throughout your house. At each vent opening, there is a grill that helps prevent debris from entering your home. Sometimes broken grills result in the ducting becoming clogged with debris, limiting airflow through the system and causing unwanted humidity levels. If you’ve been having problems with high humidity inside your home, duct tape may be able to temporarily seal the ductwork until a duct repair can take place.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Tom Anderson Guitars UK

Choosing a guitar can be a difficult task, especially when there are so many options available. If you’re looking for a quality instrument at an affordable price, one of the most respected brands is Tom Anderson Guitars UK. Established in 1982, they have been creating some of the best electric instruments on the market for over 25 years. In addition to being used by many professional musicians, including Steve Vai and Nuno Bettencourt, their designs have been played by notable artists such as John Petrucci, Richie Kotzen, and Michael Schenker. Consistently ranked as one of the top guitar manufacturers in the world, here are 10 reasons why that’s the case.

  1. Unparalleled quality and performance

Tom Anderson Guitars UK are made to the highest standards possible, with materials sourced from all over the globe. Using tried and tested designs, their expert craftsmen combine traditional methods with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to create the finest guitars on the market today. Their stringed instruments come in a range of models that cater to all styles and budgets, but it’s their custom shop series that truly set them apart from other makers in the industry. Whether you’re looking for an instrument that is versatile enough to play any style, or you want something truly unique and personalized, they’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure your needs are met.

  1. A wide selection of designs

There’s a good chance that if you can imagine it, Tom Anderson Guitarworks can build it. Using only the finest materials and their own custom pickups, they offer an incredible level of customization and control over your electric guitar. It doesn’t matter what type of music you play or what style you’re into, the options are almost limitless. With everything from traditional body shapes to more modern designs, they have models that will suit any taste and preference. Since every customer has unique requirements when it comes to their instrument, this makes them one of the best choices for first-time buyers as well as seasoned professionals. If someone else on your list is looking for the perfect gift that’s sure to please this year, look no further than Tom Anderson Guitarworks.

  1. Expert repairs and maintenance

When you invest in an instrument, it’s important that it stays in top condition for as long as possible. Having access to professional repairs is vital if you want to ensure your guitar will be ready when you need it most, whether that’s at practice or just before a big show you have coming up. Luckily, Tom Anderson Guitarworks is one of the best places to take your instrument if something unexpected happens or regular tune-ups are required. Their staff is highly trained on every instrument they make, so they’ll always know what needs to be done quickly and accurately. This way, even if there was damage sustained during shipping or you dropped your favorite guitar without any warning, chances are good that it can be restored to optimum performance. With a fast turnaround time and competitive rates, it’s an easy decision for many owners.

Tom Anderson Guitars UK has been creating some of the finest guitars on the market for over 30 years. Focusing solely on stringed instruments, they offer a range of models that cover virtually every style and taste. From their Custom Shop series to affordable designs perfect for beginners, it’s easy to find something you’ll love with Tom Anderson Guitarworks. For more information, visit their website today.

What to do for tenant not paying

Tenants who do not pay their rent can be very frustrating for landlords.

It might happen that the tenant’s circumstances change or that they find another place, but if this is something they could have told you about before, it will hurt your relationship with them if you evict them. However, there are some cases where the landlord has to take action against the tenant.

In most cases, a tenant not paying their rent is a breach of contract and the landlord can take legal action against them in order to get back any money they are owed or allow you to end the tenancy. You cannot be forced into letting someone stay in the rental property if they don’t pay – this is called retaliatory eviction.

Tenants renting from the social housing sector are governed by different rules than private renters. You can find out more on our page about eviction of social housing tenants .

If they don’t leave after you’ve given them notice, you will need to go through the legal process of ending the tenancy.

Before taking any action, talk with your tenant about their situation and how they plan to pay the rent in future. If they are experiencing financial difficulty, there may be options available to them that do not involve eviction.

Of course it’s important that you keep evidence of your attempts to speak with them. For example you could keep a written record in a rent book or tenants’ file, and make a note when you’ve made contact. Sending letters by recorded delivery will help prove they received your communications.

Waiving the Rent

If you want to waive the rent due from a tenant, it’s very important to make this clear in writing. It can be difficult to get back rent once you’ve waived it, so think carefully before you do!

Entering the Property

You may need to take court action if your tenant won’t allow you access into the property or is refusing to pay any rent while they live there.

If you want to know more about this option, see our information on evicting tenants from private rented homes .

In some cases, you may be able to ask the Court to allow you access the property. This should only be used as a last resort.

Further Options

If you have difficulty getting your tenant to pay their rent, there are organisations that can give you advice and support which will depend on where they live. For example, Shelter provides free housing advice for tenants and landlords in England and Wales . The National Landlords Association is a membership body for private sector landlords and can offer advice and support.

If you’re uncomfortable talking to the tenant yourself, an adviser may be able to do it for you.


If all other avenues fail, there are two ways of evicting a tenant who hasn’t paid their rent:

  1. Getting a court order for possession – this will allow you to evict the tenant if they don’t leave.

If you are trying to get your tenant evicted because they haven’t paid their rent, it’s important that you do this within the correct legal time frame. If you don’t, you could end up being liable for money that is owed to them.

How to locate the best air-conditioning service provider

It is always good to hire experts who offer the best services. Highly experienced experts will fix different issues fast. Some air conditioning units are prone to certain issues. Check out the quality of services offered in a given location before buying. Getting the services from a company that has been well established is a good idea because they will offer top-quality services. After checking out the quality of services offered in a given location, ensure they offer good services. A quick check on the reviews people offer makes it easy to choose the best company for the services. Other tips to check out before locating the best air-conditioning service providers are:

Cost of the services

The right company to hire should have a good reputation for offering top-quality services. Check out the cost of the services, then compare with other service providers. It will be easy to know more about the cost of the services after checking out the fees charged in different locations. A quick online comparison of the quotes makes it easy to locate the best company. Take into consideration even hidden charges to locate the right company for the services. The experts should offer the services at fair prices to guarantee top-quality services.

Quick turnaround

The best company to hire should guarantee the fastest turnaround time possible. For example, there may be air conditioning damage after a heavy storm, and it requires quick repair services. Check out the services offered and the time they can fix issues before going for a given company. Hiring a company that has a good reputation for offering top-quality services is essential in any company. They will offer top-quality services that will assure them value for money in the long run.

Highly experienced experts

The experts should have a good reputation for offering top-quality services. Check out the quality of services the company offers and the level of experience they have in handling different air-conditioning service issues. A company with experts who have been fixing different issues will be in the best position to offer top-quality services. Compare the experts before locating the best experts. The best experts will go the extra mile and ensure they offer top-quality services; they can fix any issue and ensure it does not recur shortly. Research around to get the best experts who are highly satisfied to offer the best services. They will always work hard to ensure different issues in the air-conditioning unit are perfectly fixed.

Reliable customer support

Some issues will require a quick response from the experts. Check out the quality of services the experts have been offering before hiring them. They should be readily available to fix any issue affecting the systems after they fix it. Also, check out the availability of a warranty. Some experts are known to offer a warranty after their services. It is good to work with them because they will eliminate stress if the systems fail after a short period. The air conditioning servicing company should have the right experience to fix the issues.

precision photo etched products


Precision photo-etched products are a great way to generate many semi-custom parts without breaking the bank. “Photo etching” is an industrial process that uses thin photo-sensitive metal sheets to mold plastic, epoxy, or resin parts. This process can be used to produce any number of functional or ornamental components, from onboard electronics panels and dashboards to engine detail pieces and name badges that reflect your personal style.


The options available using this type of product are nearly endless. Your imagination only limits the possible combinations. You could create custom speaker grilles for your vehicle interior or exterior speakers, decorative beltline trim for a racecar, air vents and other ducting for your engine bay, nameplates, and badges, switch panels.


Photo etch products provide you with an easy-to-use mold for casting plastic or resin parts; they are also very functional. The process of forming the metal sheets into pre-curved shapes allows them to hold their shape after being cut out by the laser, which makes them perfect for applications that require strength and rigidity like dashboards, speaker grilles, etc. Just think about it; if you were to make a part out of plastic like ABS or PVC sheet stock, then you would need to cast it in urethane or fiberglass resin (expensive) OR machine it on CNC mill (complicated) OR form it by hand (time-consuming). With the photo-etch process, you’re simply exposing a metal sheet to light, making it easy and affordable to produce as many parts as you need.


The beauty of using these metal sheets is that they are corrosion resistant! Metal components typically rust from exposure to heat or water, but since etched photo products are coated with a clear matte finish similar to anodizing, you do not have to worry about them corroding over time. Photo etch products can be sanded and painted with an airbrush or spray paint gun, so if you make a gloss black speaker grille for your car’s interior, then sanding and painting it flat black will give it a finish that’s even more durable than the factory plastic.


Photo etch products are very easy to use. To make a part, simply cut out each piece from the sheet using tin snips or a jeweler’s saw and then lightly buff the edges with sandpaper or a metal file. Next, coat both sides of your part with an adhesive such as super glue and apply it to whatever surface you’re going to mold it onto (i.e, speaker grille, engine bay components). Once set in place, mix up some two-part liquid urethane resin or epoxy according to instructions on the package and pour it over your part. Once cured, peel away from whatever surface you molded it to, prime it with an automotive-grade primer, and spray away.


Precision photo-etched products are perfect for producing large quantities of parts quickly. You can cut them out using tin snips, or a jeweler saw in 10 minutes – 1 hour per sheet, depending on complexity. Once you have all your pieces together, simply coat both sides with superglue, apply them to whatever surface you want the mold to be cast on (i.e, dash trim), and pour plastic or resin over them to make as many duplicates as needed.


Photo etch products are extremely affordable. A local metal sheet supplier charges $4 – $5 per square foot for 16 gauge 304 stainless sheets, so a 10″x10″ square would only cost you $25 – $50. Precision photo-etched products are sold at a fraction of the price compared to metal sheets; however, if they were to be manufactured from steel, then they would end up costing hundreds of dollars per sheet.

So there you have it! Now that you know all about precision photo-etched products, what will you create?

Use Scrim Tape for Cracks

When your house is getting old, there will come a time when you would observe there are tons of cracks. You’d want to get rid of those things as much as possible because the value of the property would most likely decrease. At first, you would want to take it to the moon then you would realize that going to Walther Strong for some of their tapes would be such a bright idea. Their scrim tape would be the best solution in this situation as it will be something that would solve your problems in a short amount of time. Before using the scrim.tape, you should make sure the wall is clean. Thus, better use the right cleaning materials in order to make the task pretty fast for you. If it is dirty then you can pretty much inhale some dirt particles then it could. When plasterboard panels come together, you are going to encounter some gaps that you should fill in a few days. That is where scrim.tape comes in and that is where the world is coming to a brief halt. If your friends don’t really know you as a DIY type of person then now is the time to prove them wrong. After all, it is never too late to learn a few new things as you know it should be done at a time when you would like these people for what they are all about. Doing things before you would present lots of great opportunities for you right now.

It is quite possible to use filler after using the scrim.tape on your wall. You can’t blame yourself if you are a bit not too sure about the entire thing. After all, this is your wall that we are talking about and botching it would have plenty of undesirable effects into the future. Add that to the fact that it is going to be live in front of you as there will always be live streaming videos about it. After all, this is the type of task that handymen would be used to doing then it would make you pay attention to what they are actually doing. There are times when a clean finish would not be enough for all the people involved. There are times when you would want to admit that you are not good enough for this task so just let the professionals do it so you can focus on other things that would not take too much of your time. You could be working from home at the moment and you can afford to take a bit of time off to just do it a little bit more than you expected. That would be perfectly fine that you are doing something about it compared to those people who just sit on their backs the entire day and watch TV. That is not really being productive as it could spell a not so good future so better do something about that really soon.