3 Common Traits Of Top Independent Schools


If you are looking for an improvement over the private school system, you do have an alternative option. The alternative option to public schools is independent schools. Independent schools are schools that are outside of the public school system that only accepts moderate-to-high level students. This means that low-quality students that bring down the public schooling system, will not be there to negatively affect your child. This results in a lot more opportunity for your child and gives them the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. These schools are so effective because they share a core of common traits that are their pillars for success. Below is a list of the three common traits of best independent schools that make them such great places for education.

Common Traits Of Top Independent Schools

  • Harder To Get Into Than Public Schools
  • More Qualified Teachers
  • Safer Environment For Enrollees

Harder To Get Into Than Public Schools

Due to the fact that independent schools are harder to get into than public schools, they are able to weed out the terrible students. Therefore, your child does not have to be exposed to these bad influences and also is not subject to going at the pace of the worst students as it pertains to learning.

More Qualified Teachers

To teach at an independent school, you have to have some good credentials. Independent schools do not just accept anyone off the street like public schools. This means your child get to be taught by better and more qualified teachers.

Safer Environment For Enrollees

One of the biggest complaints that parents have with the public school system is the lack of safety. With independent schools, your child does not have to worry about coming to school and be subjected to an environment that lacks certain safety measures.

Best Boarding Schools

Boarding School is an educational institution with non-stop stay of students, created for the purpose of bringing up children, shaping their life skills and comprehensive disclosure of creativity.
Best boarding schools UK enjoys a commanding position in the ranking of schools in the world. Our selection of the best private schools in England and Scotland will help you find the perfect school for your child.
 Boarding schools in the UK are known best practices in the field of education. One of the best boarding schools can help your child discover their full potential in a supportive environment. All schools in our collection can boast impressive academic results and offer their students a chance to excel in sports and work during training. If you are trying to decide what boarding school is the best for your child, look at the following selection: it has the best British schools for A-level and the IB, as well as the best school for boys and girls. Discover our selection of boarding schools below or contact our experts for Education to discuss your specific requirements.
 Oakham School, England
This boarding and day school in England is for boys and girls aged 10 to 18 years. Located in the rural provincial town near London, this school offers a program of A levels or IB.
 Preparatory Bilton Grange School
Bilton Grange is an independent boarding and day school for the joint education of children between the ages of 4 to 13 years in Rugby, England.
 Marymount International, London
Marymount International School in London is a day and boarding school with IB for girls aged 11 to 18 years in England.
 Day Schools and Boarding School Of North Oxford – D’overbroeck’s
Day full day school and boarding school in the north of Oxford invites boys and girls 11-19 years old. At the heart of education is a unique combination of academic disciplines and extensive extra-curricular program.
Strathallan is a prestigious boarding and day school near Perth in Scotland. Pupils on the basis of boarding live in modern, purpose-built homes, which gives them plenty of opportunities to socialize. Head-board controls each House and is responsible for ensuring the health and wellbeing of pupils on the basis of boarding during their stay at the Strathallan.
 Hope you liked our listing and that you have decided on where to enroll your child. Remember that boarding schools is a progressive direction nowadays.


Sending your child to 6th form boarding school is not easy; you have to ensure that other than getting a quality education they are also comfortable. This means that you cannot choose a boarding school based only on how the students perform; you have to take into account how well taken care of they are. That is why we recommend that you choose the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies or CCSS. This school has an excellent track record when it comes to academics – more than 90% of their students qualify for institutions of higher education. What this means is that if you send your child there they stand a good chance of qualifying for the university of their choice.
 In addition to delivering top quality education the CCSS takes excellent care of students. Here is what your child can expect if you enroll him or her there:
 • They get to live in safe boarding quarters. There are boarding lodges where 2 students get to share a room but if you don’t want this arrangement for your child you can pay a little more and have them in their own en suite room.
 • In the boarding quarters students are supervised at all times by a boarding manager. This individual is available for the students to talk to day and night should the need arise. He also walks students to their classes in the morning and escorts them back to the boarding facility in the afternoon after classes.
 • Students are given 3 meals a day and a snack after classes in the afternoon. All meals are balanced and students get lots of fruit and vegetables.
 • CCSS is about more than just education. They understand that students have to be well rounded so they have extracurricular activities that your child can enjoy. They offer several sports and students also get to go on excursions to museums and galleries. They also get shopping trips into London.
 • Weekends can be tedious if young people don’t an activity to keep them busy. That is why when there is good weather on the weekends the schools prepares a barbeque for the students.
 • Your child has all the resources they need to succeed. There is a library and because there is Wi-Fi in the dormitories students can research there on their laptops.
You can book a spot for your child at the Cambridge Center for Sixth Form Studies by visiting their website, http://www.ccss.co.uk/.


Failing your 6th form exams the first time does not mean that it is the end of the world. You still have a chance to prove that you can go to a good university. It is okay to feel down for a little while but after that, pick yourself up by your bootstraps and prepare to do one more year at the end of which you take the exams again. One factor that will make a huge difference in your results the second time around is the school that you choose. You don’t want to go back to your old school – you may feel uncomfortable because other students there may tease you. It is recommended that you go to a new school, and there is no place better than the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies or the CCSS.
 The CCSS is a great place to take your second 6th form exams because it has a program designed just for that. It has a great pass rate – more than 90% of their students go on to institutions of higher education which for you means that there is a 90% chance that you will pass your exams and go on to university. The weekly boarding schools near London has a specially designed for students like you who need to prepare for 6th form exams in just one year. The teachers work with a singular goal – to make sure that you pass your exams the second time around. The classes are small – less than 10 students in each class – so your teachers will have time to help you in your problem areas.
 CCSS is not all about books. You will also get time to take part in extracurricular activities. You can play sport in the evenings and if you don’t feel up to it you can watch TV. In addition to that, the school arranges trips for students to museums and galleries. You will also get a chance to go into London on a shopping trip.
 In case you are wondering about food and board, you will be staying in your own en suite room or you can choose to live with one other student. There is a boarding manager present at all times in case you have a problem. You will be given 3 meals a day and you get a snack in the afternoon.

Glass computer table

3 Reasons To Get A Glass Computer Table
Purchasing a new desk is incredibly exciting for those who are looking for a computer table upgrade. Your desk is your work space and is very important. It is important to make it an environment that you are comfortable spending a lot of time in. To do this you need a desk that fits your cosmetic and business needs. One type of desk that does this better than any other type is glass desks. Glass desks carry a lot of advantages in both cosmetics and function over traditional desk. Below is a list of three reasons to buy a glass computer table as your next desk.
Reasons to Buy A Glass Computer Table

  • Modern
  • Glass Never Ages
  • Easier to Find Things

Glass computer tables have an incredibly modern look to them. Not only do they look modern but they look very elegant. Glass computer tables are so popular because they transcend age and appeal to everyone. This makes for one of the best cosmetic looking types of desks that you can find. There is nothing more soothing than a beautiful desk at which to do your work at or anything that you may do on your computer.
Glass Never Ages
Glass is one of those materials that if you do not break it, it will last forever as it does not age. No matter how dirty glass gets and no matter how many hard water stains it can always be restored to new. Therefore, you can count on a desk to last forever as long as you do not break it if it is made out of glass.
Easier to Find Things
Having a glass computer table makes it easier to find things. One of the biggest hassles when it comes to having a busy work area is that you tend to lose things and have to spend a lot of your time hunting down lost materials. With a glass desk you will be able to locate your stuff much easier and not have to worry about getting lost in the clutter.

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